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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Proposal

It was a regular afternoon for Albert and Cassidy. They took the usual train from Long Island to the city to meet the mutual friends. “ We go to the city every time I visit. Cassidy moved from Buffalo to Long island for school, so I visit her every month”. The couple met in college and has been together for 6 years already. For the actual proposal “I choose the Rockefeller Christmas tree because she loves it there and its romantic spot. I told her we were meeting friends to go see the sights and have dinner, so she had no idea I was about to propose”. Albert asked a stranger to pass a huge roses bouquet to Cassidy, while they were waiting by the tree. There was a little note inside saying “Say YES”. “I was very nervous prior and wanted it to be a surprise, and obviously she was very confused by the bouquet first and then surprised by the proposal. She had no idea it was coming.”
After the proposal, happy couple went to Faces and names on the 54th street for dinner and drinks with the friends.

Congratulations to Albert and Cassidy!!


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