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Romantic gondola ride proposal in Central Park.




What could be more romantic then to catch the last warm summer day and take a gondola ride in historic Central park? That was exactly Jobin’s thought before proposing to his long-term girlfriend Jenice. “We both always wanted to do a Gondola ride in Central Park because we thought it was romantic.  So I surprised her with the Gondola ride that day and proposed to her”, Jobin said.
“She had no idea I was going to propose.  I planned the whole day featuring past dates we both have enjoyed (picnic, walk down 5th ave) and planned events we always wanted to do (horse carriage ride, Gondola ride).  When I pulled out the ring, she was very surprised yet so happy”, he recalled. After the surprise proposal, the couple went to their first date restaurant, where joined by the family the celebration continuous.
Congratulations Jobin and Jenice!!!

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