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Rooftop marriage proposal with the Empire State Building view

New York City is famous for its iconic skyline looks. When we are consulting our clients about the proposal locations, we always mentioned the rooftop options. This is the most unique experience you and your partner can get from this city. There is really nothing like staying on the rooftop and looking at all that vibrant city life underneath you.

How does it work?

  1. When you decide to propose and looking through the ideas, check our website page with the packages. See what you like and what you think your partner would like.
  2. We have 10 different rooftop options listed on the website, open the one you like, and check the additional pictures and what’s included in the package. There are no location addresses listed on the website. The address will be revealed after the booking.
  3. Get back to us with your exact day and time and the name of the rooftop which you choose from the website.
  4. We will check if it is available and let you know. If it’s a green light, you can purchase the rooftop from the website.
  5. Now, that we secured the location we can start planning the proposal.
  6. We will go through your ” cover story” and choose the right one. Also, we will send you an address and all the instructions on how to get to the rooftop.
  7. On a proposal day, you will need to be on time ( this is very important because it is an hour rental and if you are coming late, we still have to leave at the arranged time or pay an additional fee for a second hour) and text us when you will be 5 minutes away from the building so that we can get prepared.
  8. You walk into the rooftop and propose.
  9. If you add the photographer to your package, the photographer will be there taking shits from the distance at first and then come closer and do more styled shots.
  10. When the rental time is over you will leave the rooftop and our team will take care of the cleanup.

We think that the rooftop engagement is a unique proposal experience and it is perfect for any season. If you were planning to propose this summer, but not sure where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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