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Sometimes, when you are lucky, you can marry your childhood friend. Silvina and Asvin love story.

We both are childhood friends. I basically knew her from the time she was born. Our dads are best friends and we are blessed that their friendship leads us to find our forever love.

How he asked: The best way to my girl’s heart is to feed her the most amazing food before the most memorable night. I took her out on a nice dinner date to Manhattan in the city and we enjoyed the breathtaking views. She was amazed! After dinner, we took the train to Dumbo park where I decided to pop the question. She was totally confused about what was going on, but she was a complete trooper, following my lead. I coordinated with a secret photographer to capture our moment. As I reached the park by Jane’s carousel, it was just the perfect night, with a clear sky and a completely lit city overseeing the Brooklyn bridge. Everything came together, as I spotted the photographer and also her best friend approaching us. I took her hand and asked her to step into the heart-shaped candles looking at her surprised reaction. Her expressions are ineffable and I can never forget that moment ever in my life.

This is exactly what I asked her. The girl whom I’ve always known and the girl who I grew up around. (She was in awe!)

“I know how much you love me and I also know that you were gonna say “Yes!”. But for some reason, if you decide to say no then I’m gonna push you in the water!”

She immediately said….”YES! YES! YES!!!!!”

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