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Sport stadium marriage proposal

With the Olympics taking place right now, we decided to review the best sport stadium proposals. It might be a good option for those couples who loves to be active or a fan of some team.


1) Propose after/during the runIf you are a “running couple” then this might be a perfect proposal idea for you. Suggest your significant one to signed up for the marathon together and propose at the finish line. Or you can make a “Will you Marry Me” T-shirt and run the whole distance in it, till she notice that.


2) Propose at a National Sports Game

This type of proposal will require some planning in advance. First of all contact Public Relations Department and let them know your plan. Most of the stadiums have “Big screen proposal packages”, but it will depend on the game. So better ask everything in advance. Then get the aisle seats, because proposing in the middle of screaming fans might not be a good idea. Be confident and don’t rush.


3) Spell it out

Propose during the game of your favorite team with the help of your friends and relatives. Prepare the “Will you Marry Me?” posters in advance and invite her friends and relatives to the game as well. Let them seat on the opposite side of the stadium, so when the moment is right they will reveal the posters and you propose. It will be fan and your whole family can participate.


4) Write it down

If you do snowboarding or surfing that might be a good idea for you. After a day of surfing/snowboarding ask your girlfriend to pose for the pictures. Write “Marry Me?” on the bottom of the board and let her check the pictures. When she will see the writing, propose. That is a perfect getaway proposal for two.


5) Propose on the empty field

Surprise your significant one with the romantic dinner at the sport field and then declare your love on the Jumbotron. Invite your friends and family over to celebrate the occasion. Not sure it will work, look at the Kim and Kyne, she sadi YES.

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