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Stories from our clients: Daniel and Alejandra engagement in Dumbo right before the lockdown

Well, it was chaotic, originally I had planned to propose at the rink in Rockefeller center cause Ale wanted to skate so bad, but on March 17th, three days before the date to propose I was informed that the rink would be closed, because of the lockdown.

Also, our return flight was changed to March 21st at night, so I had to improvise. I looked for the sunniest day in the weather forecast in that lapse and fortunately, March 21st would be really sunny, so I chose to propose in Dumbo on that day.

Ale and I love that place, we think it’s amazing and very special, I chose to do it that very day because we planned that trip to NYC a long time ago to spend there Ale’s birthday and I was anxious to ask Her if she’d share the rest of her life with me.

I know the situation around the world was delicate but love and hope are all we have and you cannot live with fear, cause people who fear may die a bit every day so I couldn’t wait anymore. So i asked her to be my wife and she said ‘ YES’

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