Stories from our clients: Nikita and Dean engagement on a private rooftop in New York

We first came to know of each other 11 years ago when we both were incoming freshmen at Rutgers University and were a part of a “Rutgers incoming Class of 2013” Facebook group.

It all started with a random friend request and a “heyy” on the Facebook wall. Again this is before DMs or private messenger existed so our extensive conversations are still out there for us to cringe at lol.

However we didn’t start talking again until years later and we went on our first actual date on December 20, 2017 at Kona Grill. As awkward as our first date may have been we both knew there was something special there and continued seeing each other, introducing each other to our friends/siblings and eventually our parents.

As the year 2020 came along Dean knew it was the year he would get on one knee, however it was overly complicated with travel restrictions as a result of Covid-19. Knowing we had to do something local and how much Nikita loves rooftops and the city, he planned a private rooftop proposal with our favorite songs, champagne, and an immediate view of the Empire State Building. It ended up being the perfect night for us.

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