Stories from our clients: Noah and Savanah “Speakeasy” Engagement

This proposal consisted of two parts – a guided tour around the city on a vintage car and a private rooftop ( aka ‘ speakeasy’ bar)

As students at Mississippi State University, Savanah and I found ourselves in the same proximity without actually meeting each other until the second semester of our 2nd year of college. That semester, we both volunteered at an after-school tutoring program for at-risk children in Starkville, Mississippi. She volunteered an extra day one week, and it corresponded with my scheduled work hours. We met that day, and we started dating in June after we started summer break. The connection was instant, and we were helplessly in love before we could blink.

In the summer, I told Savanah that I want to visit friends in NYC during our school’s fall break. We scheduled the trip, and I then decided I wanted to propose on the trip. I booked the speakeasy tour, and I told Savanah to buy a nice dress for a fancy restaurant I wanted to take her to. On the day of the proposal, she was shocked once she saw the car. We both love history, and the tour was the perfect way to calm our nerves leading up to the rooftop proposal. Once I got on a knee and conquered the nervous shaking, she said yes. After that, I was truly the happiest man in history.

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