Stories from our clients: Norberto and Magnolia engagement in Central Park

We met through a common friend on Facebook. Her name is Marielly. She’s a colleague of mine and at the time she was looking for an Architectural position. Marielly asked me to help her with her resume and in return I asked her to “hook me up” with one of her female friends. We both kept out end of the deal and that’s how I met Magnolia. We talk for like a month via messenger and after that we decided to meet in person. We hit-it-off since day one and hung-out almost every day. Funny thing is that since Marielly is a good friend of the two of us, reason I was taking things slow; but Magnolia had other things in mind and decided to take the first step. On our first date we went back hopping and ended up at the movies on the front row. After two years of dating we moved together and two years after that the proposal is taking place. I love how we both finish each other sentences. We both love nature, good wine, good view and can start a conversation with just anyone.

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