Sunflowers, Rooftop and Doughnuts Proposal

Emily and Theodore living in NJ and one a week they are going to the city to explore the Doughnuts shops. “It is just something that we love to do” he said.


So on a regular doughnut hunt, Theodore suggested to stop by  his friend place. When the couple got into the building, they noticed the rooftop door opened and decided to eat doughnuts there. Sitting on a roof, watching sunset and eating doughnuts they were pretty much happy and was about to leave as Theodore noticed a stairs going up the roof and suggested to climb it.


When Emily climb up, she almost scream with surprise. Candles and sunflower heart was waiting for her there. He got on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said YES.


After that our lovely couple had a photo session with Vlad and as the sunset goes away the new night view amazed them.

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