Surprise Marriage Proposal With the Gigantic Marry Me sign

When Youssef girlfriend suggested to celebrate his birthday in New York, he knew that it was a perfect opportunity to plan a surprise proposal for her. He knew exactly how he wants to pop the question, so after some discussions, we had a solid proposal plan.

On a proposal day, Youssef told his girlfriend that they need to pick up broadway tickets from a friend, who left it for him as a birthday present. So when the couple arrived at the venue and walked into a decorated rooftop with the gigantic sign, Jasmine was in shock. Youssef got one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said yes but added ‘ it was supposed to be your birthday weekend’ , ‘ Yes’ – he said, ‘ and a perfect opportunity to surprise you’

For this proposal, Youssef ordered our Downtown Majestic rooftop with flowers, candles, gigantic Marry Me sign and musician. He also added a photographer and videographer to it.

This rooftop has magnificent views of the historic downtown part of the city and the Hudson River.

The Marry Me sign will absolutely take her breath away and if you want to make the experience more intimate, than musician playing your favorite song is the must-have.

If you planning to propose this weekend but dont know where to start, contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage experience.

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