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Surprise proposal at the Dominique Ansel Bakery!

Akansha Agarwal and Krishan Patel both have a little sweet tooth obsession and later on that will play an important role in their life. Akansha is a registered nurse specializing in Dermatology. She is pursuing her Nurse Practitioner degree.


Krishan was born and raised in England and went to medical school at St George University School of Medicine in Grenada, West Indies. He is finishing his Surgical residency at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn in June, and will be starting his fellowship in Trauma & Critical Care Surgery in July.
The couple met through Akansha’s cousin who went to the same medical school as Krishan. “The first thing I noticed about Krishan was how tall he was. What attracts me most about him is how patient and smart he is. He can handle almost any situation with ease. His career choice as a Trauma Surgeon is therefore very fitting for his personality,” shares Akansha.


“I’ve had a crush on Akansha since the first day I met her. She was friendly, outgoing, pretty and genuinely fun to be around. But we never hung out one on one, and so the first time was when we went to get Cronuts one early morning. We both have a sweet tooth and we knew we had to pay a visit to this famous bakery. After that we start to go out more and now its being 2 years since we started to date. I guess Cronuts do its magic”, laughs Krishan.


How he proposed


Akansha story: “Krishan and I had gone to pick out my ring in September 2015 and I always knew he wanted to propose in a special way. Krishan told me to keep the weekend free and that we would go get Cronuts bright and early in the morning. He also said he had planned a brunch afterwards with his close friends whom we don’t get to see often. He was adamant that we had to get Cronuts despite my unwillingness to wake up, and he also asked me to dress up because the brunch place was a nice venue. Again, he’s a very easy going guy so I started to become suspicious of why he was being so adamant about going. I warned him that I didn’t look cute at 5:30am and dressed up the best I could anyway.


So we got to Cronut line at 7:20am, 40 minutes before the bakery allows customers inside. It was a cold morning, and though I continued to complain about everything from the weather to my feet hurting in my heels, he hugged me and told me he’d keep me warm (the warm cider and freshly baked madeleines brought to us from the staff while we waiting on line helped too, of course!). We eventually made our way inside the bakery where we saw Chef Dominique Ansel inside.


As we got to register to place our order, I noticed the chef come towards the register with a Cronut box in his hand. He handed me the Cronut box and said “I have something very special for you, and we don’t serve it in our bakery.” I slowly opened the box and my jaw dropped because inside was a diamond ring! I looked at Krishan and we both started laughing out of happiness and excitement. He then bent down on one knee in front of the other customers, the bakery staff and the chef, and asked me to marry him. I was in tears almost instantly because it was so sweet, and of course said yes! I also noticed he had hired a photographer to capture this special moment, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!“


Krishan story: “I had always planned on doing something special to propose and had intended to make it personal to us. Doing it at the bakery where we first hung out alone was always at the top of my list. I had many different ideas of how to carry it out and reached out to the bakery to help me. I Instagram messaged the chef to see if he would be willing to help. He was quick to reply and got me in touch with his team who helped coordinate the day. It was a little nerve-wracking though to leave the ring with them overnight. The plan was to have a regular day waiting for the cronut. I had asked Vlad to take photographs of us outside the bakery as if he was taking photos of the bakery. We stood in line and as we approached the counter to get our cronuts, chef Ansel came up with a cronut box. We asked her to open the box and inside was the ring. I got down on one knee and popped the question. Everyone at the bakery was clapping when she said yes!! We then went to the back of the bakery which they had kept free where there was a table with flowers, balloons and of course Cronuts waiting for us!!


I felt myself getting more and more nervous as time went on, especially as we went inside the bakery as all the staff were in on the surprise and it was difficult to keep a straight face when seeing them. Everything went according to plan though and she said yes which was most important. I am forever indebted to all the staff at the bakery in helping me set it up.” After the magical proposal the happy couple joins friends and family for brunch and spends the rest of the day hanging out in the city.


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