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Gramercy Park surprise proposal

Peter and I first met in the 9th grade but it wasn’t until our 10th-grade health class together that I decided it might be worth it to give him a shot. He was such a flirt and only had eyes for me, which of course, I loved. We had our first kiss at a Halloween party in 2008 and went on to date through 12th grade. I have so many wonderful high school memories with Petey, from homecoming dances and prom to supporting each other at his soccer games and my dance competitions. One year, he painted a giant “J” on his torso in our school colors (yes I still have the photo). We were even voted “Cutest Couple” in our senior superlatives! After graduating from high school, we went to schools across the country from each other. So, I thought it was best to break up and let us experience college without each other. Petey and I led our separative lives for a while, until after graduating college when I reached out to him to grab lunch. The sparks were *definitely* still there, so we decided to give our relationship another go. We dated another 3 years long distance, while he was in D.C. and I was in New York until Peter got a job in NYC last year. We moved in together right away in the Gramercy neighborhood and have a puppy on the way.

We both always wanted to get inside the exclusive Gramercy Park and found the perfect opportunity for it when his godparents planned a visit, staying at a room at the Gramercy Park Hotel. He told me we would be meeting them in the park, but really, they weren’t visiting at all! He was the one with the room at the hotel and access to the park. He had the hotel in on the secret too and gave the front desk his godparents’ name to keep me off the trail. We walk into the gorgeous park, and I’m still thinking his godparents will be meeting up with us any minute. Then, he dropped down on one knee, catching me totally off guard. He told me, “I’ve loved you from the very first moment I saw you over 10 years ago, but somehow I manage to be more in love with you every single day.” I was in total shock. I knew he had the ring made and knew the proposal was coming soon, yet he still managed to surprise me, which was so special. I, of course, said yes! I’m so excited to marry this amazing man and spend forever with him.

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