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Surprise proposal on Roosevelt Island. “I didn’t think he pop the question with -10°C below zero”.

Deborah and Mauricio met in the “Universidad Iberoamericana” University studying Architecture on the first semester in Mexico City. “We are architects; both of us enjoy design and convert the dreams of our clients in reality”, shares Mauricio, who has a full time job designing for Herman Miller.  Staying late working on the projects, both of them notice that they have lots of things in common. “We enjoy stay together because we laugh so much”, Mauricio said.


“Our first date, Deborah make it difficult, but when she accept the invitation, we went to a bar in the Habita Hotel in Mexico City, we enjoy the date with jokes and few drinks. Next days, we talk to each other more easily and the dates continued day after date until the relationship went to the next step”, Mauricio shares, “Deborah is lovely, she makes my days funny because she has a good sense of humor, always have a topic to discuss. I enjoy talking with her because the talk never ends.”


On February 13th, the couple celebrates an engagement, and also 7 years of relationship.


So here is the proposal story:


Mauricio invite his girlfriend Deborah to the park on Roosevelt Island. As the couple shares the passion for architecture, he knew that it will be a good place to pop the question, since it has the nice perspective and great skyline view of Manhattan.


Deborah:  “I didn’t know he will propose to me in New York. It was really a surprise because I didn’t think he pop the question with -10°C below zero”


Mauricio: “I choose the Four Freedoms Park, because it’s a park that has an end, and for me, that end symbolize the transition for our relationship to go to a next step, get engaged and get married soon”


Deborah: “I don’t know how he convinced me to go there. With the cold and wind, we walked along the park, and we reach the bottom, and in that place, with no other else, he pop the question, and I say YES!! I really couldn’t believe that was happening. It was really cold, very very cold, so I only kiss him, and I tell him lets go another place because I’m freezing. Then Vlad appears, and that was a huge Surprise!! I didn’t know there was a photographer hiding there.” Deborah recalls, “Another surprise for me was to know that he had the ring all these time. And he hide very well that I didn’t notice at all.”


Mauricio: “Yes, I was carrying a ring all the way from Mexico City. I actually had a whole speech as well, but being nervous and with this cold, I forget the speech, so I improvise almost all, but at the end, we enjoy the moment.”


After the proposal the happy couple went to celebrate their engagement on the 5th avenue terrace that has a great Empire State view. With the warm meal and a couple of champagne glasses,  they announced the engagement with the photo on the Facebooks saying “I said yes” and that’s when the phones start the ring and congratulation messages starts to come.


Congratulation on your Engagement!

And for all of you who is planning to propose, quick tip, dont forget about the secret photographer!

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