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Sweet proposal by the bridge

The dumbo area in Brooklyn is one of the most picturesque locations in New York. Only from here you can have a full Manhattan skyline and the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge in one shot. No wonder, this area attracts tons of tourists every year and it is genuinely hard to find a quiet spot for a marriage proposal. That is why this little spot becomes our favorite hidden location in Brooklyn.

Things to keep in mind, when you proposing in Dumbo, Brooklyn

  1. Location  – there are lots of breath-taking spots in this area, but usually it is very congested with the tourists and unless you want to propose under the crowd clapping you need to find a quiet spot.
  2. Time of the day. The best time for a marriage proposal in Dumbo, Brooklyn is early morning or the sunset and the after-sunset time. During the day the sun is very harsh and it brings hard lines on the pictures.
  3. Train. Some spots are very close to the bridges and you can hear the train running. It is not a big problem, but if you planning to have music or you prepared the whole speech it might ruin the moment.
  4. Dumbo means ” Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’ and not slang for a dummy.
  5. Permit. If you planning to have an amplify music or have really enormous decorations you will need to get a permit from the park for it. It is $400 and you need to apply 30 days before the proposal day.
  6. It is a very safe and trendy neighborhood with lots of chic restaurants and hotels.


For this marriage proposal, we used our “Brooklyn Bridge View Proposal” Package. Which included a flower heart, marry me sign and pictures of the couple.

Our head photographer Vlad Leto was working his magic and took a couple for a photo walk around the area. If you planning to propose and don’t know where to start, contact us now 347 926 9458 or email and our experienced team will help you to create the unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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