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Thanksgiving Day marriage proposal do and don’ts

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for many guys, this is a perfect opportunity to surprise their partner with a marriage proposal while both families are present at the dinner. Even though this sounds like a perfect plan there are some things you should consider while planning your Thanksgiving day engagement.

Thanksgiving Day Proposal ‘ Do’

  1. Thanksgiving day parade.

This is a perfect opportunity to incorporate holiday events into your proposal.  You can either secure a spot on the street or try to find the parade’s friends and family tickets which provide the grandstand access to the event. Be prepared to face crowds but at the same time, this is a very cheerful event so it’s nice to be around. Make sure you will have a photographer booked to capture the event. After the proposal, you can take pictures with the balloons on your background.



2. Rent a hotel room with a view.

If standing outside in the crowd is not your vibe, rent a hotel room with parade-view access. Many hotels have special ‘ Thanksgiving packages’ where you can rent a room and dinner for that day. This is a perfect way to propose in a private setting and celebrate after. Plus you will get an exclusive view of the parade. To add extra glam to your room let us do a room makeover.



3. Propose at the movie theater.

Thanksgiving weekend is also a highly valued target for movie releases. It’s believed that families go before or after dinner to see the latest films, so if you and your partner love movies this could be a perfect opportunity for a surprise proposal. You can propose with the movie poster, personal movie trailer or gigantic Marry Me sign. Surprise factor guaranteed.



4.  Ice rink proposal

Yes, the world’s famous Wollman Rink in Central Park is open on Thanksgiving Day.  Starting last year, the rink is offering private marriage proposal rental options, so that you can have the whole place just for yourself.  In order to reserve the private ice rink proposal contact us directly at with your desired day and time.



5. Family Dinner.

This one is very tricky and you definitely need to discuss this with your partner beforehand. But if being proposed to in front of the whole family is something your partner dreamed of, do it. This is a perfect way to declare your love in front of both families and close friends. And you can celebrate right after altogether. Just make sure your partner and family are ok with that.

Thanksgiving Day Proposal “Don’t”

  1. Do not put the ring inside the turkey or any food.

This just goes without saying that no jewelry should ever be put in food. Don’t put it inside the pie, turkey, or anywhere on the table. This is unsanitary and no one would enjoy wearing a ring that smells like graving.



2. Don’t propose in front of the family if your partner just met them

Meeting the family for the first time can be very overwhelming for your partner so don’t add more stress by getting on one knee. This is a perfect opportunity to meet and establish friendly connections between the families and bond. But getting engaged in front of strangers ( even though they are your future family) can be unpredictable and your partner might be under pressure. So enjoy the family dinner, have fun and leave the proposal for the next day ( literary).



3. Don’t propose during a Turkey Trout

This might look like a perfect opportunity to do something fun together and throw that surprise proposal to your partner. But most likely being dressed as a turkey and saying ‘ yes’ in front of hundreds of strangers is not what she had in mind. This would be a fun event to attend but leave a proposal for another day.



4. Don’t mix the occasions.

A marriage proposal is a very special moment for every couple and you would want to have that day just for you two. Proposing during the holiday means sharing that special moment with everyone. It will be easy to remember your proposal anniversary date but this day won’t be yours only. So keep the moments separate and make them memorable in their own way.



5. Don’t ruin the holiday for yourself

This one is a bit sour but imagine you propose at Thanksgiving and your partner said ‘ no’ or you broke up sometime after that. This day would be ruined for you forever. It goes without saying that the couple should discuss a proposal beforehand and be on the same page about it. Proposing around major holidays is always tricky as it can bring a bitter shadow over the joyful time. So better choose another date for it.

If you are planning to propose this holiday season contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience for you and your partner.

Tatiana Caicedo

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