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The Importance Of The Engagement Photo Session

Recently we had a great proposal and we really liked how the guy thought not only of the secret proposal photographer, but also of the after proposal engagement session. “I knew she will want to have a photo session some time after the proposal. She got very creative with it and had the whole plan of how our after session will look like, I can see that she was enjoying it.” And that is so true. Most of the girls complained that they were not ready for the photo session after the proposal and that they still were in shock after the surprise. So here is why its important to have the engagement photo session.

  1. You will give your fiancée the choice.

Every girl has her own vision on how she would like to see herself on the pictures. She might come up with the whole photo session theme and looks that she wants to have. Maybe she wants to have the photo session in the park or do “country “style photo session. Give her this opportunity to enjoy the process and enrich creativity. Here is the picture of great after engagement session, which was planned and looked absolutely amazing!

2.   Destination engagement photo session

There is a special place that you both love and cherish and you want to make your pictures there, this is the great opportunity for this! Sometimes its hard to organize a secret proposal photography in the mountains or National Park and keep everything in secret from your partner. But when you both planning this together it became an adventure. We are so in love with this Chelsea engagement photography. This will be an amazing unforgettable experience for both of you.

3.  You can use the after engagement pictures as your “save the day” invitations.

Your wedding is coming and what else can be better than use your engagement pictures as the save the date invitations. We think that this is a great opportunity to discuss with your partner the theme of your invitations and get as creative as possible. Sometimes the invitation will set up the whole wedding mood, so have fun with it.

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