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The most picture-worthy proposal spots for the fall engagement in New York

The most beautiful season is already here and as we know, it disappears by the blink of an eye, so if you were planning to propose this fall you need to act fast. Here are the most beautiful spots in New York for this Fall engagement:

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

This place is beautiful year-round but it is absolutely gorgeous in fall. Located in borough Brooklyn, New York, this 52-acre  garden has  over 14.000 plans and trees varieties.  Walk to the Japanese gardens and propose in the gazebo overlooking the pond. This spot is quiet and picturesque, perfect for romantic proposals. Another beautiful place for a surprise proposal would be the Shakespeare Garden. This cottage garden has plants that were mentioned in the Shakespeare’s plays and all of them are labeled and even has the quotations from the poems. So you can surprise your partner not only with the proposal, but also with the poem and the flowers mentioned in it.

Wave Hill

The biggest secret in the city, this lavish estate is so beautiful you won’t believe it’s real. Overlooking the Hudson River, Wave Hill is a popular getaway destination. Probably the most picturesque location for a surprise proposal would be the pergola, that has the most stunning views of the river and NJ palisades. The Marco Polo Stufano Conservatory would be our second favorite spot. This glasshouse is full of exotic plans and ideal for an engagement photo session. This is also a perfect spot to hide from the rain or wind.  You can also propose in the hidden alley in the gardens and then go to the cafe at the mansion for the celebration. But don’t forget  to hire our secret photographer to capture the big moment.


We all know New York City from the movies and there is nothing like this upscale neighborhood in the fall. The extravagant townhouses with the cobblestone alleys, little coffee shops, and yellow trees are so cinematic that you can’t stop thinking of yourself as the main character in a movie. Walk around the area and propose in the little alley and don’t forget to hire a secret photographer to document the event.

Of course, Gramercy is known for its private park. Only the people who lives around the park has the keys and can access it, but also you can stay at the Gramercy Park hotel and get the access as a guest from them. This would be an absolutely mind-blowing experience for you and your partner and what a perfect place to propose if not in the private park.

Squib elevated park

This short elevated path got its fame for the incredible views of Downtown Manhattan and the greenery of the Brooklyn Bridge Park in one shot. For the clients who are looking for a combination of the city and nature, this place would be everything they were looking for. This little bridge connect the Brooklyn heights and the Pier 1 park. If you are planning to propose here, better come in the morning when its not so crowded and get in the middle of the bride. After the proposal walk around the waterfront and enjoy the best views of the city.  This area provides lots of photo opportunities and ideal for the engagement sessions.

Central Park 

Of course this list won’t be full without the famous Central Park, which is absolutely gorgeous in the fall. This is the time of the year when the park is showing its full colors and every corner of it is picture worthy. The most popular locations for the fall proposals in Central Park would be the Bow Bridge and the Shakespeare Gardens. If you are looking for more broad views, the Cop Cot and the Belvedere Castle would provide more colorful horizons. We love adding flowers to our proposals and this time of the year is ideal for our flower heart and photography package.

Bridge Park, Dumbo

This park has everything you need: gorgeous Manhattan skyline,  real pebble beach and the elevated hill with the greenery and views.  This is a perfect spot for early morning proposal, when there  are not so many people around. The Bridge Park is located up on the hill and would work great for a surprise picnic proposal or the flower heart proposal. And of course, don’t forget the paparazzi style photographer to capture the surprise.

If you are planning to propose this fall and don’t know where to start or which location to choose, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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