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The surprise proposal of a lifetime!

As a proposal planner, I hear this request all the time: ‘I want to give my girlfriend a surprise of a lifetime” and usually, after this phrase, the client starts to tell us about a private helicopter ride, which lands on a great lawn at Central Park and the Philarmonic Orchestra is meeting them there playing Ed Sheeran’s¬†song “Perfect”. Which sounds like a romantic movie fantasy proposal. Somehow, for many clients, the surprise of a lifetime means the biggest expense of the lifetime and for the planner, it sounds like the unrealistic requests of the lifetime.

So how can you give your partner the biggest surprise of her life without breaking the bank and driving your planner insane?

The answer might surprise you, but it is very simple. The perfect proposal doesn’t need to be expensive, it needs to be personal. You really need to know your partner well and design a proposal based on your partner’s personality. Very often, we can see how guys get caught up in ‘ proposal of a lifetime’ trap, thinking that the more extravagant way they do it, the better. But it is not true. You can take a helicopter ride and propose on a private rooftop and that would be an amazing story to tell, but your partner is afraid of the hights and of course, she will say yes, but will always wonder why did you choose that option.

So, build your proposal based on your partner’s personality, not yours.

For example, our client Eric proposed to his girlfriend Melisa with a simple, but elegant flower heart in Dumbo, Brooklyn. He knew she would like a beautiful view, so he choose the Brooklyn side, as you can see the whole Manhattan skyline from it He knew her family means a lot for her, so he incorporated family into the proposal. He also wanted to surprise her and as Valentine’s Day was coming up, he decided to use this as a cover for his story. So, Eric told Melisa that they are going to a pre-Valentine’s Day romantic dinner, but he wants to keep the restaurant location as a surprise, so he blindfolded¬†her as soon as they get off the car. It was fun and the couple was giggling about it on the way to the restaurant. When they reached the place, he told her to take the mask off and the first thing she saw was her family standing in front of her. ” Omg, what are you guys doing in here?” she asked and then turned to her boyfriend for the answer and noticed that he was standing on one knee. He asked her hand in marriage and she said yes. It was simple but very personal and elegant. One of the most romantic proposals we have ever seen.

So, if you planning to pop the question, the first thing you need to do is to answer simple questions, like ” Would she like it to be private or public?”, “Should I invite her family over or better propose alone and then celebrate all together?”, ‘ Should I have a photographer?”, ‘what things she likes I can incorporate into a proposal?”.

As a proposal planner, I would say that it is very helpful for me when my clients give me more details about their partner. The more we know, the better! So, if you planning to propose this year, but don’t know how to start, send us a message at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

Tatiana Caicedo

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