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Top 10 Marriage Proposals of 2019

2019 was an amazing year full of surprises and joyful tears.  Here is our  annual Top 10 best reaction proposals of this year.

10) Sometimes you cant get the hint and even the ‘Marry me?” is not enough.  Jenny did not expect it at all.

9) “Star Wars” movie trailer proposal.  Kyle was dressed as a Jedi and declare his love from the big screen.

8) Double proposal.

Never hide anything from your partner, he will find out and sabotage your proposal by proposing first.

7) Even if you are a ” Giants”  team main receiver, you still can get nervous and put a ring on a wrong hand.

6) Hiding 15 family members behind the fence wasn’t easy, but we manage to keep the surprise

5) Ice Skating marriage proposals ideas are always so emotional.

4) Love makes us tender. One of the most emotional proposals we had this year.

3) That is so romantic to declare your love to your partner at the same place you first met 5 years ago.

2) Sometimes you travel from across the world to surprise your love. Out wonderful couple from Australia exchanged their vowels on the New York City rooftop.

1) That look, when the last thing you expect to see is your picture on the Times Square Billboard along with the love declaration.


This year we had a couple of fearless girls, who break all the stereotypes and made the first move.

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