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Valentine’s Day marriage proposal surprise proposal on a private rooftop

Valentine’s Day is known all over the world for its celebration of love. It is a perfect day for marriage proposals and weddings. So if you were planning to surprise your partner with an unforgettable marriage proposal this might be a perfect day for it.

Keep in mind that every girl is expecting a romantic gesture on this day, so it might be hard to plan a surprise proposal for her. To maintain the element of surprise propose on February 13th or the weekend after Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget the flowers and always order them in advance. It is not a secret that red roses are very symbolic for this day and in high demand, so it needs to be done in advance. The same goes for the restaurant reservations. Recently Governor Cuomo allowed the restaurants to open indoor dining again, but only for 25% of capacity, so those fancy restaurants that were hard to get a reservation before became even harder to get into.

Overall it is a wonderful day for a marriage proposal and if you just started to plan and don’t know where to start from, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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