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Valentines Day Marriage Proposal


Ok, we all heard that Valentines Day proposal might be tricky. On the one hand it could be very romantic and sweet, on the other hand it might be too obvious and banal. Yes, all girls expecting a ring on the Valentines day, so if you still want to do it at least make it really special and extraordinary. The most important thing is to take her off guard, to propose when she least expect it or doesn’t expect at all. So, how can we do that?


She expects a date, so make a perfect date

Get a table at that amazing restaurant that she was talking about for months. Take her to the movie or a music show after and before taking her home, propose. The point here is that she will enjoy the date and even if she expects a ring, she will forget about it by the end of the day. And you will definitely take her off guard by proposing by her door.

Want to make it more romantic? Hire a personal chef and make a restaurant right at your place. Decorate the room with flowers and candles and enjoy the meal. It will definitely be a huge surprise for her and more intimate atmosphere for both of you.


Avoid the tourist traps

We all know that Valentines Day is one of the best days for the local businesses to make profit. Don’t get to that trap. You know that that horse carriage ride doesn’t cost $700 per ride, and that bar doesn’t charge $35 for the frozen heart mix drink. There are plenty of places to go and lots of things to do outside those common clichés. Just make it personal, you know what she likes. Send her some roses to work with the card saying how much you love her, send a car to pick her up and bring her to a very special for you two place. Your first date, first kiss or just a significant place, it might be a park or a café, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you share some good memory there. Get a bottle of champagne and propose. It might be simple, but its personal and romantic.


Surprise her

The best way to surprise your significant one is to propose when she least expects it. Decorate a place at the park with the LED candles and ask her to join you for the afternoon walk. Get to the set up place and propose. I guarantee that she will be excited. Not only because you get her that ring, but because you thought of it in advance, you planned it. Or you can tell her that you hired a photographer to take a pictures of you two, cuz you love her some much and want a professional photo session. Get to the park or walk around the city with your photographer, pose, kiss and have fun. She might suspect that you want to propose, so hold on till the end. At the last frame you pop the question. It will take her by surprise, again because she wouldn’t suspect it coming. Also, this type of proposal is great because girls are always worried about their look and in this case she will be fully ready to look beautiful on the pictures.


Make it big

If you still want to do it on Valentines day and want to avoid all the romantic clichés, il say do something extraordinary. Make it big and spectacular. Propose on the Times Square Big Screens. That will be amazing and she will be shocked to see it. Just keep in mind, that the spots are going fast so you need to book it in advance.
Want something less public? You can order a Love Story Book from the local publishing company. Make a story of your love and finish the book with the picture of the ring. These will be very cute proposal ideas and memorable ones.. Also those books can vary from a mini pocket book to the large sign once.


Make it digital

Create a video clip, or a music video. Download it to her phone or laptop and suggest to watch it together. It will melt her heart! And then later you can share it with your family and FB friends.

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