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What is the difference between the wedding photographer and proposal photographer?

Planning marriage proposals for over 6 years we have worked with different photographers ( wedding, maternity, architecture, nightlife, paparazzi photographers) and noticed that not every photographer can be a proposal photographer. Of course, it goes both ways, and not every proposal photographer can be a wedding photographer, but since we are a proposal planning company we will discuss the difference between wedding and engagement photographers.


  1. Timing

The first thing that we noticed is that the wedding photographers need more time to set up. Usually, they need to check the venue a day in advance and prepare for the shoot at least an hour earlier.  The proposal photographers are more flexible and working on the spot. With proposals sometimes being affected by the weather and change of location, they are easier to adapt to the new place and don’t need lots of time to set up.


2. Equipment

Usually, the wedding photographers are bringing more equipment with them, which they might or might not use. But from what we see it’s usually lighting equipment, tripods, and additional lamps. Of course, you need more time to set it up and it also takes away that element of surprise. Imagine walking in the park and seeing lightning lamps and photographers waiting for you at the spot. The proposal photographers are more discreet and using paparazzi-style lenses to shoot from afar. They might use some tripods and lighting equipment, but they usually set it up later on after the proposal.


3. Crew

Most of the wedding photographers that we worked with brought one or two-second shooters. Which is completely unnecessary for a surprise marriage proposal. First of all, it is not a 100 people wedding for 8 hours, but a small marriage proposal for 1 hour. So 3 photographers are way too much and can you imagine how intimidating it can be for your partner when there are three cameras pointed at her. Plus since it’s only one location spot, it is not that many things for them to shoot, so pretty much you will have the same pictures from three cameras. The proposal photographers usually working alone or with the helper, who comes after the proposal moment.


4.  Style

Probably the main difference between the wedding and proposal photographers is the photography style. Proposal photographers are more concentrating on emotions and candid shots, while wedding photographers are more into poses and styled shoots. Again, while the wedding photographers, as a rule, set up a specific place for the shot ( assuming that the couple would stop at the designated spot for a proposal), proposal photographers know that it’s never the case and as a result are more flexible to move.


5.  Pictures turnaround time

Proposal photographers usually deliver pictures within the week and sometimes even within 2-3 days. Wedding photographers spend more time with the pictures and usually send like 20 best-edited shots. Also,  wedding photographers are offering the printing album option, while proposal photographers usually don’t do that.


Overall you can see there pros and cons in both photography styles, but from experience, always check your photographer portfolio first. If it’s a wedding photographer check if he has some proposal pictures and asks about his work process ( will he bring additional equipment, will he bring a second shooter, how is he going to make sure the proposal will be a surprise?)


For the proposal photographer, once again, check the portfolio and see if he is doing both daytime and nighttime proposal shoots. If you are looking for a nighttime proposal but don’t see any night proposal shots in his portfolio ask about it first before the booking.


How to book a proposal with our photographer?


First of all, all the pictures you see on our website and Instagram (@proposal007) are ours and belongs to Vlad Leto and Tatiana Caicedo. We do not work with outside photographers, so everything you see here is our work.  If you want to see more pictures, please visit the Blog section and we post daily on our Instagram channels. For the video, please visit our YouTube channel – Proposal007.


So, once you check the pictures and you decided to book with us, please go to the Photo and Video section on the website and check the photography packages that we offer. When you open the package you can see the description of how it works and what is the turnaround time for the pictures.


After that, you purchase the package that you like and once you got the receipt notification you need to send us an email to or text +7 347 926 9458 saying that you just purchased and include your information. You need to send us your EXACT day and time, phone number, location ( if you don’t know where we will help with this part) and a picture of you two ( we need to recognize you). After that, your photographer will contact you and you can start planning.


Why do we need the exact day and time?


We are a proposal planning company and very often we have two or three proposals scheduled for one day, so in order to avoid overbooking and conflicting time we need to know when exactly you want to propose. And you need to be sure you will be there on time.


If you planning to propose but don’t know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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