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Whats the difference between a proposal party and an engagement party?

A marriage proposal is one of the most important steps in every couple’s relationship. And as soon as one of the partners says ” YES”, the celebration begins. Usually, after the proposal comes an engagement party, where all friends and family are present and the couple announces their engagement. But over the course of a couple of years, proposal parties became very popular. So what is the difference between a proposal party and an engagement party? And which one do you need?

What is the proposal party?

The proposal party usually comes right after the proposal moment, when the question has been asked and the ring is put on the finger. It is like a second wave of surprise when the partner is still in shock but family and friends are making a surprise appearance. It is a great opportunity to catch those pure, raw emotions and wish the newly engaged couple all good wishes. Unlike an engagement party, where both partners are prepared for the celebration and discuss the guest list, the proposal party is still a surprise and might have a surprising guest’s appearance ( for example, a family flying from another state to surprise their daughter). So this is still a shock for one of the partners and that’s the beauty of it. A proposal party is more informal and usually takes place not far from the proposal spot. It can be a bar or a restaurant and, since it’s an informal event, most of the time the guests don’t bring presents with them. Of course, some bring champagne or flowers, but no more than that. Also if the proposal party happens after the proposal in another location, there is no photographer present at that party.

What is an engagement party?

The engagement party is a more formal way of celebration. It usually happens weeks or months after the actual proposal. Unlike the proposal party, where the idea of celebration comes from the groom-to-be, the engagement party is thrown by the parents or close friends ( sometimes the couple themselves). Usually, everyone who is attending the engagement party is invited to the wedding as well. You do send the invitation for the engagement party and guests are bringing more meaningful gifts for the couple ( you can create a registry for gifts). Also, most often the pictures and video of the actual proposal are displayed and there is a photographer on-site to photograph the event.  As an engagement party is not a surprise, most often the bride-to-be is setting up the theme and decorating the place.

Can you do both?

Of course, and most couples just do that. At first, they are celebrating with friends and in a month, throw an official engagement party. It is also a great way to keep that celebratory feeling for a longer time. As the proposal party is more concentrated on the couple and has these fresh memories of the proposal that just happened, the engagement party is here to connect two families and friends together and get everyone acquainted before the wedding. So two parties are absolutely acceptable and even necessary.

How can we help?

As a company that plans marriage proposals, we often help our clients to organize a proposal party as well. We have a couple of venues that allowed a large group of people and would work perfectly for a proposal and a party as well.  There is a couple of things you need to keep in mind when planning a proposal party. First of all rental time. Most of the venues rent space by the hour, and for a proper celebration, you might need at least a three-hour rental. The next thing to keep in mind is the food and beverages, as usually the venues that we are working with are not bars or restaurants, so there is no food in there. You have an option to bring it with you or hire a catering company.

When you start planning your proposal always mention the number of people you want to bring and if you want to have food or drinks for the party, this will help us to find a proper venue faster and will save a lot of time. Contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.



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