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Where to propose in Dumbo, Brooklyn?

New York City is famous for its picturesque locations, that is why this is the best city for a romantic surprise engagement and post engagement photo sessions. If you are looking for a place with the Manhattan skyline, historical landmark, and unique architecture – the Dumbo area in Brooklyn is exactly what you need. Dumbo stands for ” Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” and it is one of the most scenic areas in Brooklyn. There are many ways to get to that area from walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to taking the ferry from the city. We always recommend this location to our clients as it has everything you need for a stunning marriage proposal. So where to propose in the Dumbo area?

1. Behind the Jane’s Carousel

This is the most popular proposal spot in that area. This location has the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline in one shot. It is a very attractive place for photographers, so you need to come earlier to get that spot. Of course, the best time to propose will be during the sunset or at night, when all the city lights are on. During the day we always recommend using the flowers and signs as a part of the decorations and at night candles look absolutely magical in here.

Please note that this is a very popular site and there always lots of people around, so if you were planning to propose in private this might not be the place. Also, if you are planning to use some elaborate decorations you need to apply for the ” special event” permit.

2. River Cafe

River Cafe is known all over the city for its unique location and outstanding cuisine. There is a beautiful garden right before the restaurant entrance and it is perfect for an intimate proposal. This is an ideal place to propose before dinner, unfortunately, there no photography inside the restaurant, so the garden will be the only option.  During the winter the whole area is covered in fairy lights, which makes it even more attractive for engagement photography. This location is never too crowded, so if you were looking for a private proposal this would be a good choice. Make sure you hired a professional photographer to capture the moment.

3. By the Manhattan Bridge

This is our most favorite proposal place in that area because it is off the walking paths and it is almost always free of people. This location has stunning views of the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. We always recommend using flowers and the “Marry Me” sign for this area during the day and candles at night. This place is also perfect for the surprise family appearance as some paths are hidden behind the bushes and friends and family can hide there. Please note that this is an open area and in case of rain there will be no cover.

4. Pebble Beach

When you walking in Main Street Park the first thing you will see are the gigantic stairs leading to the beautiful pebble beach. This is a perfect place to watch a sunset as it has the most open views of the area. You can see the Downtown Manhattan area from here along with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Jane’s Carousel. Proposing on the beach can be tricky as this is a popular spot and lots of people and photographers are taking pictures in there. So definitely avoid the weekends. This spot is perfect at night and would absolutely work for a surprise proposal. We won’t recommend using small decorating here as it’s a broad area, so choose a flower arch or a huge ” Marry Me’ sign instead.

5. Private Rooftop

The best way to propose in private is definitely by renting an exclusive rooftop. The private rooftop gives you more freedom for creativity as you can personalize every aspect of your proposal, from her favorite flowers to a custom-made sign. It is also a perfect option to invite close friends and family and celebrate the engagement with the people you love. When you choosing the private rooftop option be aware that the space goes empty by itself and it is up to you to decide how you want to decorate it. We always recommend working with the proposal planner as they know how to transform the place and bring your vision to life.

6. The Archway under Manhattan Bridge

This is a wonderful spot right under the Manhattan Bridge, which is perfect for rainy day proposals. The archway is located on  Water Street between Adams Street and  Anchorage Plaza. This location is a popular public spot and you can see street markets and music concerts here. We love to use this place when it rains or snow as it perfectly covered. The only cons would be the noise. As the archway is located right under Manhattan Bridge every time the train pass you can hear the loud noise. So this is a nice spot but we would recommend it only as a plan ”B” option.

7. Washington Street

The most photographed street in Dumbo is the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street. Cobblestone street and red brick old-fashioned buildings looked fantastic in the pictures, but what makes this intersection so Instagram-worthy is the Empire State Building in the void between the Manhattan Bridge supports. You might also recognize this location from the ” Once upon a time in America” movie poster. So this place is very busy with tourists and cars, so it can be hard to propose here. The best time will be during the weekdays in the morning.  Don’t forget to hire a photographer to capture the moment.

8. Empire Stores public rooftop

This location is the real hidden gem of Dumbo. Not that many people know that there is an open to public rooftop atop the Empire Stores. This is a beautiful place to propose as it has nice views of the area. This is a public rooftop so other people can be there as well, plus during the summer there is an outside cafe on one part of the rooftop. We would definitely recommend proposing during the sunset as the views are amazing. Please note that this is a public space so you need to respect the rules, there are surveillance cameras around so the building security can come up anytime and ask you to leave. We usually decorate the place with flowers and pictures of the couple along with the Marry Me sign.

9. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

This modern hotel is perfect for surprise marriage proposals. Some of the rooms have a direct view of the Brooklyn Bridge and its rooftop is breath-taking. It is conveniently located right by the Brooklyn waterfront and short walking distance from all the restaurants and attractions. Hotel rooms are rather large and ideal for a romantic room makeover. We love using the balloons as it gives the space that celebratory look, plus it’s fun to take pictures with. When you booking the room always ask for the one with the best view and make sure you let the management know that you planning to decorate it for a surprise proposal.

10. Jane’s Carousel

This stunning carousel is ideal for romantic proposals. You can rent the space and enjoy the private carousel ride with your partner. The glass pavilion makes it a perfect cover from rain and wind and provides privacy. As of now, the carousel is closed until the city reopening, but we can’t wait to host the proposals there.

If you planning to propose and don’t know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience for you and your partner.

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