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Why you need to propose on a weekday in Central Park?

This year will be known as the ” year of love”. After all the struggles of 2020, we see a huge increase in marriage proposals and elopements. And it is so big that you can’t walk in a park on weekends without stumbling upon the proposals on every corner. So if you want to propose in a more private setting and make it more memorable and surprising, we would recommend proposing during the week.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Privacy. It is fewer people in Central Park during the weekdays than on weekends. If you are not a fan of large crowds and don’t want to attract too much attention to your proposal, weekdays are much better. The most popular proposal locations like the Bow Bridge, the Bethesda Terrace, or Ladies Pavilion are overcrowded on Saturdays and Sundays, but completely free on Mondays and Wednesdays. So you will get a great proposal spot and a clear view.
  2. Time. Usually, most people are choosing the sunset time for a surprise proposal. So it goes without saying that Saturday evening in Central Park is full of photographers, wedding parties, and couples. Again, during the weekdays it is easier to avoid the crowds and have a nice proposal session during the “golden hour” without rushing to clear the spot for another couple.
  3. Availability. Weekends are the” bread and butter” for the photographers, and it can be hard to find a photographer who is available on your particular day and time. Weekday proposal will give you more availability and the photographer would be able to spend more time with you, rather than rushing to the next shoot.
  4. Prices. Again, photographers and musicians usually have different prices for weekdays and the weekends and weekdays are less expensive. The same goes for hotels and upscale restaurant reservations.
  5. Transportation. If you are proposing on a weekend always add an additional hour for the transportation. No matter if you driving or using public transportation, there is always traffic on Saturdays and Sundays. Please keep in mind that no cars are permitted in the park, so you need to find the parking garage in advance. During the weekdays it is still possible to find street parking.

Central Park has always been our most favorite place for surprise engagements, but if you want to propose on a weekend better do it on a private rooftop or choose a weekday for the park. Also, when you proposing during the week it is less suspicious for your partner and you can come up with a better cover of why are you going there. You can always tell that you going for dinner near the park or going to those free music concerts in the Mall.

Don’t forget about the photo and video coverage. Your partner would definitely appreciate the thought and would be happy to have the pictures and the video of this once-in-a-lifetime event.

If you planning to propose soon, but don’t know where to start, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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