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Proposal 007 is the New York based marriage proposal planning team.
Made by New York Times featured secret proposal photographer Vlad Leto and event planner Tatiana Caicedo.



Summer in the city is a wonderful time for outdoor proposals. The sun is shining and everything is blooming, what else would you need for the proposal of your dream. We are offering our summer favorite proposals ideas for any taste and budget


Propose on a private Manhattan or Brooklyn rooftop with the breathtaking view. Or visit the world famous landmark skyscrapers of New York. Enjoy the amazing view and propose when the moment is right. We will take care of the rest.


Walk hand in hand through world famous Central Park and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.  We offering different spacial ways to propose to your love at this historic park.


       Walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, and enjoy the city views and the gorgeous park nearby. Propose to your significant other against the best views in the city. We will make it romantic, you will make it unforgettable.


With our star photographer Vlad Leto we will create the photo story. Before proposal we will send you the detailed map from your location/hotel to the proposal spot. On the day of your proposal our photographer will make the pictures before, during and after the proposal. We use the special paparazzi style equipment, so that your significant one will never find out that we follow you.


While planning your proposal we also discuss and plan your marriage proposal video. First, we record an interview with you, which we will use in the future proposal film. If you are located in NYC we arrange an appointment in our studio. If not we arrange a Skype interview and record it. Second, we make the script and plan position and roles for our team, you and your friends and family (if the are involved in). We capture it on video. After proposal we make a small interview with you and your significant one. We put it all together in professional way. Edit it on your song and present you the full proposal story.


  • $$150
  • We create a unique idea for your proposal based on your relationship. You will fill out our relationship quiz, from your answers we create 3 different marriage proposal ideas. We email you custom proposal ideas (based on your quiz) and list of venues and map of your proposal.  Select the idea you like and we start to work on it. We take care of all vendors and venues, flowers and musicians to make your proposal perfect.
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Marriage Proposal Ideas


Finding a creative marriage proposal idea is tough, it is very important to be original but to also not over do it. Make it personal; bring her to the place where you had your first date, or where you first kissed. Use your friends and family to help you organize the perfect day for your future wife.

Don’t want to be that obvious? Not sure if your relatives can keep it a secret? Running out of ideas? That’s where we come in. We will build marriage proposal ideas based on your relationship. We will help you organize the perfect proposal, not only for your significant other but also for you. We aim to relieve the stress of what often can be a mentally exhausting process. Not to mention that we are a New York based company. With our knowledge of the city, we can recommend some of the most intimate and charming locations that New York has to offer.


Proposal Ideas in NYC

New York, New York – this City is like a magnet to people from all over the world. The narrow streets and wonderful skyscrapers will make you fall in love with the Big Apple. And what could be more romantic than proposing to your significant other in this wonderful place. There is something for everyone here. Whether you are aiming for big lights or looking for something quieter, you can find it in New York. The proposal ideas in New York vary from a romantic picnic at Central Park to a yacht sail around Manhattan, from a Times Square billboard proposal to a romantic rooftop dinner, a Broadway Musical proposal on a big stage to chocolate tour proposal. Keep in mind that we know this city, we know the places that the tourists don’t find and little hidden parks that only inhabitants of NY know of.


Engagement Ideas

You’ll be telling this story to your kids and your grandkids, so you better make sure your proposal story is a good one. There are so many good engagement ideas so you need to be unique and romantic. We’ll assist you in doing so, our experience in this field gives us an edge on what to expect from a proposal. Of course, every person is different and we cannot guarantee a positive answer. However, we will create the atmosphere most suitable for resulting in a “Yes”.

So, how does it work? A detailed quiz will be sent to you and based on your answers we will create appropriate engagement ideas. We work one on one with you and will take every detail of your relationship into consideration. We will create 3 different engagement proposal ideas for you, equipped with a list of suitable venues and a detailed map. Leaving the most important part for you – popping the question. Our team will support you during the entire process, making sure that your table is reserved, flowers are picked up and the ring is in your pocket.

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