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New York

Best hotels in New York for a hotel room makeover proposal

New York City, with its vibrant energy, iconic landmarks, and breathtaking views, sets the perfect stage for life's most romantic moments, especially marriage proposals. Among the city's myriad offerings, some hotels stand out for their unique charm, exceptional service, and, most importantly, their ability to... 0

5 Marriage Proposals trends we are about to see everywhere in 2023

Marriage proposals are getting bigger and are now often referred to as " mini weddings". With venue booking, custom decor, and a professional digital team the average cost of marriage proposals increased almost twice compared to the pre-covid times.   Now clients not only want... 3

Best proposal reactions of 2022

And just like that, another year passed. 2022 was a stunning year full of love and beautiful proposal reactions. We helped more than a thousand couples to get engaged in New York. The most popular proposal locations for this year were: Dumbo, the Brooklyn area,... 4

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