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What to wear when proposing? Men’s edition

Very often marriage proposals are all about surprising your partner and making this day perfect for them, but this is the important day for both of you, and for the person who is planning this all out this might be the most stressful day in the world. Not only do you need to choose the ring, find a perfect location, hire a professional photographer, but also make sure you and your partner dress appropriately.  
We already wrote an article “How to convince her to wear a stunning dress for a surprise proposal?”, where we discussed all the ways how you can make sure she dressed nicely for the proposal. In this post, we want to pay attention to the guy’s outfits and how to choose what to wear when proposing as it both will bring you comfort and confidence. 

1. Dress according to your story

If your cover story is meeting up with friends at Central Park and you putting on a fancy suit it looks suspicious. She will immediately think that something is off and will be looking for the clues. Dress up nicely, but it should be in line with the cover story.  Best way to dress in layers, so that you can take the coat off for the pictures and look nice and neat. 
Same if you tell her you are going to the nice restaurant the suit outfit would look natural and won’t bring any suspicious. 

2. Think of where you will hide the ring 

Very often the engagement ring boxes are too bulky and it is hard to hide them in the pocket. Always try the outfit that you plan to wear in advance and see where you can hide the ring without her noticing the box. Sometimes it means you need to buy a smaller box or hide it in the coat’s pocket or even a sock. From experience, it is easy to hide the ring in the coat or jacket pockets and just keep your partner on the other side when you walk. 

3. Choose comfortable clothes 

You need to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes, so always wear things that you feel safe in.  Wearing a brand-new outfit might not be comfortable and look suspicious for your partner. Also, if you plan to get down on one knee make sure you can do it in your new proposal outfit. If you absolutely have nothing to wear and want to look good in the engagement pictures, do the shopping in advance and wear the outfit at least once before the important day.  We had this client once who wore a new shirt and it was a bit too tight, so the whole photo session he was very uncomfortable and couldn’t get relaxed. So just do yourself a favor and choose comfort over style. 

4. Don’t forget that you will be in the pictures as well

 Very often guys concentrate too much on their partner and completely forget that they will be photographed too. So manicure and shaving are a must. This was a surprise for many guys that we worked with that ring shots require both partners and many guys were absolutely unaware of it. Get a haircut a week before the proposal and overall take good care of yourself. This will boost your confidence and will help to feel positive about yourself. 

5. Choose solid colors vs colorful prints 

Usually, solid colors look more chic and luxurious in the pictures, so when you think of what to wear choose rich colors versus colorful patterns. Solid color doesn’t mean boring black and white. It can be navy, light blue, grey, burgundy, or sand. In general any color that suits you, but not with the crazy prints or slogans. Once we had a client who had ” Say No” written on his shirt while he was proposing. That was both funny and unfortunate at the same time. 
When you are planning your marriage proposal there are lots of things to keep in mind, such as weather, surroundings, cover story, and photography. This can be a lot of pressure and the best advice will be to start planning far in advance, in this case, you won’t get overwhelmed with all those little details and will feel more calm and confident.  Our experienced team is always there to help you, so feel free to contact us directly at, and let’s start planning your unforgettable marriage proposal in New York. 

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