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Beautiful candlelight proposal under the rain

There is always plan “B” in case of rain, but not this time. Taddy had a very firm decission to propose on Saturday night in the park with the Bow Bridge on the background. The rain was in the forecast, but he really want it to be done this day. So at 8.30 sharp its started to rain, right when the couple were walking to the spot. It was raining so hard, that we were really scared the candles would be washed out.


Finally, our couple came in. He got one one knee and asked her hand. And right at that moment the rain stopped. Looks like a blessing from the sky.


We really love when its raining, as pictures looks beautiful. The water reflection makes it romantic and peaceful.


What did we use for this package:

  1. “Light the night” package, which is 150 led candles and string lights
  2. “Marry ME?” Red led sign
  3. Secret Photographer and Video


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Tatiana Caicedo

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