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Best Private Rooftops for your Marriage Proposal in NYC

Proposal007 is the only one New York City based proposal planning team, that has exclusive contracts with the city’s best rooftops. Usually, the event venues rented rooftops for a whole day and its hard to find a private rooftop for a marriage proposal when you just need it  for an hour or two. But as a NYC based company we were able to establish a personal connections with theses venues and get exclusive prices for short events such as marriage proposal.

We have multiple private rooftops for any choice. Brooklyn bridge rooftops, Wall street rooftops, Empire State Building view rooftop, a terrace in Midtown, City view rooftops, so that you can find the perfect place for your romantic proposal.

Sparkling Midtown Rooftop


This wonderful rooftop is exactly what you need in this hectic city.  Quiet, romantic rooftop right in the middle of the city. The roof covered with the string lights, which makes it magical and sparkling. If you looking for the classic proposal, this will be the perfect choice.

The elevator brings you to the last floor and your personal concierge will walk with you to the roof. When the doors opens you won’t believe your eyes as the Empire State Building will be right in front of you. Magic, flowers and champagne thats your key to success.

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Brooklyn Bridge Rooftops

Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic place and known all over the world. We have two rooftops in this area.


First one is the biggest green rooftop in the city and it has a wonderful view to the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. We can decorate it with candles and flowers and she would rememberer  this moment forever.


The second Brooklyn rooftop is overlooking the Manhattan bridge and its a great space for a romantic dinner proposal or engagement party. We can make a special table decoration for you and you can enjoy the glass of champagne with the best view you can only ask.


If you want to get that chic Brooklyn vibe, these rooftops are perfect for you.

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Manhattan private Rooftop

Rooftop proposal NYC

This wonderful rooftop has the most open view to the city.  It has the Empire State view, Freedom Tower view and Hudson river view. It is conveniently located in Midtown area and its a real treasure for those who want to have a romantic rooftop proposal. It has different level roofs, so that you can choose the one you like.  You should choose this place if you adventures and want to see New York from different angles.

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Empire State Building View rooftop

This Rooftop located right in the center of the city with the  gorgeous view to the  Empire State Building.  The elevator goes straight to the rooftop and opens up  on the terrace. You can put a song of your choice to play and enjoy a romantic moment with your partner.

This rooftop is a good option for those, who want to have a private view to the Empire State Building. You should choose this rooftop if you looking for a classic proposal.

Roof top proposal New York
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Classic Empire State Building view Rooftop


This gorgeous private terrace open up with the Empire State Building view. The elevator brings you to the penthouse and just a couple steps away you will see the terrace covers with flowers and trees. The columns and the trees makes this place charming and romantic. She will be surprise to sees you rented the entire rooftop terrace out just for her. You should choose this rooftop if you looking for the most romantic spot in the city.

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