Dinner Proposal Ideas

We know what you think, dinner proposal is a cliche and not original at all. But hold on.  The main work of the event planner is to create special, unforgettable experience for the couple, even if that is something simple as a dinner proposal.  So here is our  5 creative dinner proposals ideas.

  1. We create the whole fake cocktail menu for this couple. The last cocktail on the list was named “ Will You Marry Me?”. Of course she ordered that one. Very fun and creative proposal.

2) We create the street sign with the marriage proposal by the restaurant. So when the couple was going to the dinner date, at first she didn’t noticed it, but in two seconds it was all clear. We had so much fun watching her surprise reaction.

3) We had a special desert for this couple. After the dinner was done, the restaurant send a desert on the house with the “marry me?” sign written on the plate. Surprise, surprise.

4) We printed “Will You Marry Him?”  on the dinner menus and when the moment was right,  close friends of the couple lifted up the menus and showed it to the groom. The hardest part was to make sure the server didn’t mix the menus, but everything worked perfectly.

5) We set up the whole private dinner table by the Brooklyn Bridge. The couple was walking at the park and “by accident” found the dinner table with chill champagne and musician playing the slow music. Perfect private dinner experience.

Dinner proposals might be fun and creative and  we are happy to help our couples to make the unforgettable dinner experience. Also, don’t forget to hire photographer to capture this beautiful moment.


Tatiana Caicedo

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