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Restaurant Guide: Mermaid Oyster Bar. Perfect Cozy Restaurant For An Intimate Proposal.

When you planning a perfect proposal, the question of  “where should we go after  to celebrate” comes a lot. So, we decided to guide you through the best restaurants and bars, that will be perfect for an engagement celebration.

Mermaid Oyster Bar (Upscale-casual seafood spot with a Cape Cod vibe known for its lobster rolls & cheap oyster deal.)

Address: 79 Macdougal St, New York.

Phone: (212) 260-0100

Hour of operation: 5.00 pm – 10.00 pm

General Manger: Colby Fuller-Katz


“Hi,  my name is Colby Fuller-Katz and I am a General Manager here at the
Mermaid Oyster Bar. We’ve been open since 2009 and became known as a local neighborhood spot with the great happy hour and, of course, sea food. ”

“We are very well-known for the oysters, as we are an oyster bar, especially for the oyster happy hour and the raw bar.  All the oysters are coming both East and West coasts, we had them from Vancouver, Washington and Nova Scotia. We have really close relationship with our vendors and we are always proud to sell the fresh oysters here. One of my favorite dish from the menu, is the calamity salad with feta cheese and mushrooms…. mmm its just great!”


“It is a great local  hangout spot, its casual, its fun, no stress. Its just a great place to come and hang out.

I love this company so much, so its a life style for me. We are trying to deliver excellent fresh food in a casual fun environment, where just everyone can come together, have fun, catch up, enjoy wonderful food in not pretentious setting. It is a very specific type of restaurant  and there are very few restaurants like this in the city”


“We have several engagements here. Actually we had one recently, few months ago, which was very fun to be a part of. There is this company, named Proposal007 that reached out to me  saying that Ben had his first date here and would like to propose to his girlfriend there ( We get that story a lot actually. Since we are casual spot, a lot of people are coming here for a date and then they always come back here for special events, like anniversaries, engagements, bridal showers). So  he said they had their first date here and they since left the city, but they will be going back on vacation and asked for help.  And so we worked together and came up  with the special cocktail menu.”

“We named all the cocktails with an inside jokes that were meaningful just for them. And we had the whole staff on board, we were all acting and waiting for this moment for weeks and it was absolutely wonderful. When the day comes, we set them, we gave them the special menus and we were just hiding watching them. As soon as she saw the cocktail menu, she realized that something was happening as the last cocktail was named “Will you Marry me?”, he got down on one knee, the photographer  from Proposal007 popped up … it was so wonderful, and the whole staff has the tiers on their eyes and we were just so happy to be a part of it”. You can read the whole story here

“If you want to propose here, I would say it really depends on type of proposal that you are looking for. The most previous one was during the happy hour (between 5 and 7 pm), and it was a bit of a crowd here.

If you looking for something more intimate and quiet, the best time will be after 9pm. Its the time when the “happy hour” crowd leaves and it gets a bit more cozy and romantic here. So i will say it will really depends on the mood, that you are looking for. “

“The Mermaid Oyster Bar is a wonderful place to come celebrate any occasion, it is a great place for first date, for 20th anniversary, for proposals. Its fun, hip, its casual, the food is wonderful the staff is  great. We love to have fun, so we would love to help you out and celebrate with you in a really fun, charming, cozy setting. We were so happy to work with Proposal007, so professional and easy going team. If you need a planning help or great pictures that is definitely the company to work with”

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