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From Brazil to New York. Flávio and Nélida surprise proposal on the Times Square Billboards!

Flavio surprises his girlfriend Nelida with the Big Screen proposal. During the fun trip to New York, the couple went to the Times Square to make some pictures and while making selfies near the Big Screen the picture with the marriage proposal pop up on the main screen. Flavio get down on one knee and asked Nelida to marry him. She said “YES’!


But that was not the only surprise that he planned for her. There was a secret photographer making pictures of them all this time, as well as a videographer, who captured the proposal on video and turns out her boyfriend was wearing a microphone  to record his speech. Nelida was shocked, she didnt expect that Flavio will do something like that.


If you planning to make a proposal on Times Square Billboard make sure you reserve your photographer and video, because that memories will stay with you forever.

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