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Groovy proposal in Central Park with the private “Tiffany” store engagement ring experience.

One of the most challenging proposals for us so far. The temperature dropped down and the horse carriage ride was canceled because of the inclement weather conditions. The future bride-to-be doesn’t want to go to the park as it was cold and we had to come up with million excuses to bring her there.


Our cool musicians were ready to rock it, even thou it was hard to breath because of the cold. When the couple reached Cop Cot and the band played the song, Marisa was so shocked, not only because she did not expect it at all, but also because instead of the ring she got a private “Tiffany” invitation, to go and choose her own engagement ring.


What a great, thoughtful idea it was. “Tiffany” store brings brides-to-be an unbelievable shopping experience, where you can choose your own style, Dimond and material.

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