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Guided tour on a vintage car and speakeasy room proposal

Inspired by New York in 1920s this proposal is all you were waiting for this year. Life in the 1920s in New York City was exciting, with ragtime and swing music playing all around the city and speakeasy bars popping up in mysterious places This was the era of jazz music, glitter parties, fashion, and prohibition.


The 18th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution banned the sale, manufacturing, and transportation of alcohol. This invited the interest of bootleggers, also known as rum-runners, who would smuggle liquor from overseas and bring them to the secret speakeasies. The speakeasy bars were opening in mysterious places and with our knowledgable guide, you will have a wonderful opportunity to experience this unique era.

How it works:


You taking a guided tour around the city on a vintage car. Your personal driver and experienced guide will tell you the history of NY and interesting facts about the iconic places.  After crossing the 14th street, the guide will bring you to the West Village, the heart of the oldest speakeasy bars. He will drop you off and suggest to check one of the bars. That’s when the second part of the proposal begins. You will find a rare door of the famous grocery store. Going down the stairs through the kitchen you will see a gorgeous room full of candles. You propose and celebrate the engagement with delicious cheese and wine.

Why we think its a cool idea:


  • You actually will learn something new about the city.
  • This is a perfect cover for locals and even better cover for the tourist.
  • You travel around the city of the real vintage car.
  • Yes, you can dress up in the 20’s theme.
  • You can plan the tour together with your girlfriend and she will never know that you planning something.
  • A guaranteed surprise for her.

If you planning a marriage proposal, but don’t know where to start to contact us now and our experienced team will help you to create an unforgettable engagement.

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