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How to bring your girlfriend to the rooftop, without giving away a surprise?

The second question we asked a lot is ” What should I tell her, where are we going?” 
and from 5 years of experience I should say, we heard it all. Sometimes, guys are lying so much, that they even get surprised when the girl says  “YES”. So, here are some valuable suggestions for you.

1. Don’t use celebrity names.

Oh yes, we had clients, who were saying they were going to a private “Beyoncé” concert or a closed party with Ed Shereen. And to tell the truth, girls were a bit disappointed to find out it’s a proposal

2.  Don’t get over-obsessed about a specific day.

Don’t ask her a hundred times per day if it’s going to rain on Sunday the 14th or keep remind her that you have this special dinner on Friday. Girls are smart and they will figure it out fast. So, keep it casual.

3. Don’t suggest.

If you want her to dress up nice, say that you have a reservation at the Micheline start restaurant and you both need to look nice. But don’t suggest to her your favorite dress, to do the nails, to do the hair. It’s a dinner date, don’t make her stress out over it. And make sure you will have a dinner reservation after the engagement to celebrate. 

4. Do Use your friends.

Let it be their idea. Like, tell her friend to invite you both to this new rooftop bar. In this case you not acting weird and she can’t ask you tons of questions about the place. You don’t know, you were invited as well. 

5. Don’t blindfold her.

It might sound romantic, but this is the BIGGEST giveaway. Especially if you will keep saying ” this will be the biggest surprise of your life” of things like this. Your main job is to act normal so that she would have no clue you planning something.

6. Do Use a work networking event excuse.

It’s simple but at the same time gives you the opportunity to dress up nice as your boss will be there.

7. Do use a Speakeasy bar.

Our favorite. It always works, especially in NY, where people are so obsessed with it. So use this excuse, when she needs to know the address. She won’t find any information on the web because it’s a speakeasy bar. And most of the buildings we use the rooftops of are mixed use buildings, so there are no giveaways. 

8. Tell her there is a strict reservation.

You told her you going to the bar, she keeps inviting people to go with you. Tell her that you have a reservation for 2 people and they don’t take big parties. Suggest you check it together this time and come back with friends sometime later.  We had this situation once when the client can’t find a way to tell his girlfriend to stop inviting people to the bar, which was her surprise proposal. She ended up getting 12 people and he had to pay extra for it. Most of the places renting rooftop for a small party 2 – 4 people, if its more than 10 its an extra charge. 

9. Don’t be an expert.

Don’t tell her you know this fancy restaurant if she is the one, who always finds the places. That is always very suspicious, when all of a sudden you know a good, fancy place in a city, she never heard of. I mean, keep it real. Tell her your coworker told you of this place, or you saw an ad in NYT.

10. Don’t tell her ” You will see”.

First of all, this is the biggest giveaway and second, some people have anxiety and she might get very worried about where you going, how she should dress, what to expect. So better say dinner reservation, than nothing.
  Also, it can be any event you planning to attend. A charity event, gallery opening, movie night, sofar concert, a friend surprise party. There are lots of choices, just choose the one that fits your situation the best. Tell her about the event in advance, but don’t keep nagging her about it. The earlier she knows, the less suspicious she is. Let her plan the day and incorporate the proposal in there. Like, suggest stopping for the drinks after the gallery exhibition. But please no Beyoncé and  Tylor Swift private concerts. 
  We hope our suggestions will make it easier for you to come up with the perfect proposal cover and you will manage to get your partner by surprise. At the end of the day, this is your main goal, to surprise your partner.
  If you planning your engagement, but don’t have any ideas on where to start, contact us now at, and our experienced team will help you to create a proposal of a lifetime. 

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