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How to include your dog in proposal?

Probably the best trend of 2020 that we noticed first hands were engagements with the dogs. From newly adopted puppies to old friends, dogs became the essential part of any household this year and respectfully make their way to the marriage proposal plannings. So how can you incorporate your fluffy friend into the proposal?

  1. If you and your partner make a decision to became dog owners, use this opportunity to surprise your partner even more and propose. Please don’t give puppies as a present, but make a decision together, choose a dog and when the time will come to take him home double the surprise.
  2. If you already have a dog, be creative and order one of those name tags with ‘ will you marry me’ written on them or a cute scarf with the engagement date. It always looks very cute in the pictures and you can keep it as a memory.
  3. Going for a walk with the dog is always a good pretext to bring your partner to the proposal location. It is also very natural and your partner won’t suspect a thing.
  4. If you planning to bring your dog to the rooftop, make sure you pack toys/ treats and potty pads. Dogs usually getting excited and it is a good idea to distract them with some treats. Also, always check with the venue that it’s ok to bring your fluffy friend.
  5. Your partner loves dogs, but you don’t have one. No problem, hire a professional proposal dog. Yes, they do exist. A fluffy gentleman in a tuxedo would arrive at your proposal spot and give his paw to you.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. If it’s a very small puppy, most likely he cant be outside for too long and he needs to have all the shots before he can be around other dogs. So keep that in mind when you planning a puppy proposal.
  2. If you bringing your dog to a place with a lot of people and noise, it can be very overwhelming for a dog and he might get scared. Happened to us once, when the client brought the dog to the proposal and his family started to fire the fireworks, the dog got scared and runs away, so the family had to run around Central Park and look for him.
  3. If you bringing a dog to the proposal and you have a photographer taking pictures, ask a friend to hold the dog so that you can get different shots with and without your furry friend.
  4. If you bring a dog to the proposal, but then have some celebration planned, make sure someone from the family brings the dog back home. We had this issue a couple of times when clients come with the dog and then have a restaurant booked for the celebration, but they had to go back home to leave the dog first and it takes time. So the friends and family and photographer were waited for almost an hour for the couple to arrive.
  5. Accidents might happen, always bring bags and potty pads.

How to customize the proposal:

  1. At any pet store, you can customize the name tag. Use this opportunity to leave a proposal message to your partner.
  2. Dog’s tuxedos are super cute, might be difficult to get the size thou, so always order two to be on the safe side.
  3. You can customize shirts and scarves for dogs, but keep in mind that custom orders take time, and better do it in advance.
  4. Get the sign. There so many cute signs for dogs to take pictures with, such as ” My humans are getting married” or ” I loved her first”. It is very sweet and your partner definitely appreciates the thought.
  5. Custom treats. Yes, you can get one of those ” He asked”, ” She Said Yes” dog treats cookies. What a great surprise for your partner and the dog.

We feel that animals are a part of the family, so every time our clients are mentioning that they have a dog we always suggest including him in the proposal. We hope this article was useful and if you want to propose this winter season and looking for ways to include your dog in the proposal, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most wonderful proposal for your partner.

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