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How to propose at the luxury penthouse

Did you even want to have a true VIP experience. When you come to this luxury hotel and have a floor penthouse room with the million dollar view terrace.  You propose with the stunning settings and staying overnight. Champagne and breakfast in bed is included and you feel like you own the word. Good news, it’s not just the dreams. New York City has so many luxury hotels, that its very easy to get overwhelmed. Here are some tips for a luxury proposal in a penthouse. 


  1. Penthouse rooms are sold out fast, so you really need to think and ask in advance. 
  2. Most of the hotels dont list prices for the penthouse rooms on a website and you will need to call and ask about it.
  3. The penthouse price will vary from what you are planning to do. So if you want to have an intimate proposal with just two of you it will be normal price, if you will tell that you have photographer, decorations and all that. the hotel will think of it as an event and the price will go at least a $1k up
  4. Dont forget of in and off-season prices. Its more expensive in December then January. Also weekdays vs weekends. 
  5. Most likely if you inquire by yourself then through the third-party the price will be slightly different. 
  6. Sometimes there is a last-minute availability, in this case the price drop as well.


From our experience, penthouse proposals are fun and very surprising. It’s also a great opportunity to invite friends and family for celebration. It is pricy, but if that’s what you dream of, go for it. 


If you are planning an engagement and can’t decide where to start, contact us now and our experience team will help you to plan the proposal of your dreams. 

Tatiana Caicedo

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