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How to propose on the Top of The Rock

Top of the Rock, the famous art deco style skyscraper, also known as “30 Rock”, boasts three floors of indoor and outdoor observation decks at over 800-feet above street level. With 360-degree views of the New York City skyline, this must-see NYC attraction is an unforgettable experience (and provides unbeatable photo opportunities).

If you planning to pop the question on the Top of The Rock, thats what you need to know:

  • It is not private. The observation deck has 3 different levels open to public, there will be another people on the deck and depending on the time you planning to propose it might be very crowded. If you are looking for more private location you, you can check some private rooftops for a proposal in NYC here –
  • Ticket varies from $34 – 53 per person
  • You can not instal any decorations there or bring champagne. Since it is a public place the most you can do is to hire a musician or order flowers, but nothing can be placed on the floor.
  • The busiest time on the deck during the day and sunset. So if you want to avoid the crowds come in the morning 8 am or 11.15 pm in the evening.
  • Make sure you hire a professional photographer for your surprise engagement on Top of The Rock. This location is tricky and if you really want to have pictures that will stand out and will remind you of the unforgettable experience you had there, you absolutely need an experienced proposal photographer.
  • You need to purchase tickets in advance on official Top of the Rock website.
  • There is a metal security check points, so if you planning to hide a ring bring a back and leave the ring there. As you will be asked to take everything from the pockets

As we mentioned earlier this deck is not private, so be prepare to share the joy with the other people around.  It is one of the main tourist attraction in New York, so that can be a perfect cover as she will never suspect it. Also, it is perfect for photographer to hide there as with so many people around, he can perfectly blend in and do the secret pictures.

Кeep in mind that sometimes the weather conditions might prevent you from having a view. As the observation deck is very high up, sometimes the fog covering the view and you cant see much of the city. 

The rooftops that we offer wont have this problem as they located lower and because of that always have a view.

If you want to add the personal touch, you can hire a musician to perform your love song. It can be guitar, violin or saxophone. But not the musical band and no equipment is allowed to be on the ground.

But the most important thing is to hire a photographer who will be making secret pictures of you and capture your special moment. You can check our options for a proposal photography and videography here

If you would like to pop the question on the Top of the Rock feel free to contact us  by email or phone/WhatsApp +1(347)926-9458  for more information.

You personal proposal planner Tatiana Caicedo.

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