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Mariachi Band and Candlelight Marriage Proposal

Pablo and his girlfriend were taking a fun Saturday boat cruise around the Manhattan. The evening was warm and couple really enjoyed the trip. After the tour, boat stopped by the pier 15 and Pablo suggested to stop by at the bar by the end of the pier. Little his girlfriend know that it was a set up.


Walking down the pier they saw the lights and stop to make a picture. Pablo bring his girlfriend to the middle of the heart and declare his love. At the moment when he was proposing, the mariachi band appeared and started to play the serenade.


Izabella was shocked. She had no idea her boyfriend was planning the proposal on that ┬ánight, “You was acting so normal, I would never suspect anything” she cried.


It was a truly magical night. And we are so in love with the mariachi band. Its always a great idea to add music to the proposal. It makes it more joyful and memorable.


We are here to create the best moment in you life.

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