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New interesting proposal locations in New York

New York City is full of famous and well-recognized places, such as the iconic Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Empire State Building, and the Rockefeller Center. Those locations attract lots of people and will be found on ” must visit” lists. But if you are looking for something new and not that well-known, here are our new proposal spots in New York. 

1. The Vessel 

The vessel opened in March 2019 at the Hudson Yards Public Square. This extravagant structure consists of 154 flights, 2,500 steps, and 80 landings. From the upper level, you can see the Hudson river and beautiful city views. During the holidays this structure became the main city’s attraction, as it was covered in lights and the whole square around the vessel was decorated in trees and lights.

So, you have two options for a surprise proposal in here. First one:  propose at the Vessel itself. Its unique architecture would make a stunning background for your engagement pictures. The second option would be to setup a proposal at the square with the Vessel on your back, in this case, you will get very nice pictures of the structure. Keep in mind that it is a public place, so other people will be around as well. 

2. The Edge 

Located just the steps away from the Vessel, this new observation deck is perfect for a sunset surprise engagement. As of now this the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. With the 360-degree views, this place is ideal for pictures. If you plan to propose on the Edge, make sure you get the ‘ champagne admission’, this will give you the opportunity to use the private area where you can pop the question and celebrate with the champagne toast after. Also keep in mind that it is an open deck, so in case of rain or snow you won’t be covered.

3. Industry City 

This place is known only to the locals, but what a beautiful gem it is. Located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn this former warehouse complex was remodeled to public retail with lots of green spaces, fancy restaurants, immersive retail shops, and much more. You can plan the whole day here and start with the fun water taxi ride to get there, take a cooking class for couples and propose on the prettiest ice skating rink in the city. This area is very picturesque and if you are looking for not touristy places to visit, this would definitely be one of them. 

4. SquibbPark 

There is a hidden elevated bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn with the city skyline views. This bridge might be hard to find, but the easiest way would be to start walking from the 1Hotelin Brooklyn and the stairs to the park will be right around the hotel complex. This bridge is almost always empty and ideal for a surprise marriage proposal. 

5. Albertine library 

This is the prettiest library in New York. Located at the Payne Whitney mansion it features French-language books and translations from French into English. What makes this library so unique is its ceiling. Albertine’s ceiling – a hand-painted mural of constellations, stars, and planets — was modeled after the extraordinary ceiling of the music room at the Villa Stuck in Munich, Germany, crafted by Franz von Stuck. This is one of the most unusual libraries in New York and the perfect place for book lovers. You can propose between the books and the night sky above you and then walk across the street to Central Park and take engagement pictures there. 


We hope you will find this guide useful and if you are planning to propose this winter, contact us now at and our experienced team will help you to create the most unforgettable marriage proposal experience.

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