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Rice to Riches Marriage Proposal

This popular dessert place in Soho became an ideal proposal spot for our couple, who used to have a first date there.


Living in LA and Las Vegas, our couple met by accident at this rice pudding place in NY 3 years ago, so it was clear that this location will be perfect for the engagement.


It is always a great idea to come back to the places that started your relation. Its fun and brings good memories back.


Also it is great cover, as your partner will never suspect that you planning anything there.


But to make it very special you need to make it personal. Add some pictures, choose the same flavor of the dessert as you had first time, put your song.


Its a great idea to add friends and family to this type of proposals as they can easily blend in the crowd.


Most important, dont forget to hire your photographer. As the emotions will be so pure that you will enjoy rewatching the pictures after.


And of course, have fun and enjoy the moment.


If you planning your proposal and dont know where to start, feel free to contact us and we will help you to organize your ideal engagement.


Tatiana Caicedo

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