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Romantic Rooftop Proposal

“To be honest, I know Neal and I weren’t even suppose to meet as neither of us were planning on going to Knoxville, TN the weekend we actually did meet. Some mutual friends pushed us into going just for fun and we both happened to end up there for a weekend of fun with our friends. We didn’t just end up in the same city we ended up seeing each other the first night we were there in our friends apartment. For me it was love at first sight and something about him intrigued me and I wanted to get to know him better. Before we knew it we were talking about our families, things we wanted to do in life, and various other topics. When the weekend came to a close we spoke until the sun came up and finally exchanged numbers, before going our separate ways. He made me promise that I would call him or text him, and sure enough I did and the rest is history.” said Janki Lala.

‘How he asked was a total surprise to me in that I had no idea he had been planning this for a month or two in advance. We spoke about taking a trip to a city I had never been and he suggested NYC, so we made the trip from Atlanta to NYC. He bought me a nice red dress because he said I would be needing it for a work party that his company  was having in NYC.  When we got there, I knew his parents didn’t live too far so they said they would come see us and that wasn’t a surprise to me, but what did hit us by surprise was that they got stuck during the big nor’easter storm for 17 hours in the car on the highway. During this whole day I didn’t know that Neal was on the phone with my family trying to figure out rebooking of flights and other arrangements. He just told me because it was Friday he had to get some work done. I thought we were going to the event on Friday, which was suppose to be on a rooftop, but he told me due to the storm it was pushed to Saturday. Saturday came and I got ready to go to the event with him which was at 6:00 pm, but I did not know as I was getting ready my family had drove from Tennessee because they wanted to be there for this, and were just two floors above us at the hotel. When we got to the location it was almost a weird feeling for me, and we went to the 7th floor of the building and Neal asked to go to the terrace bar. The receptionist walked us out, and there was candles and a perfect view of the Empire State Building towering over us. He opened up by saying “I obviously lied to you, and there is no work event, but we have been dating each other for 621 days, and every single day he was with me his love for me grew and he was waiting for this moment to come. Then came the special words, he dropped down to one knee and said Will You Marry Me! I burst out into tears and laughter and said of course. I asked him whether my family and his knew about it and he said everyone but me knew, so he said we’ll FaceTime your family in a minute, and then I heard the door open and I saw my sisters and parents, along with his and instantly started crying! This was the greatest surprise in that my family and his were there to celebrate with us, and I wanted nothing more. I couldn’t ask for someone more thoughtful and caring, and cant wait to spend my life with him!’

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