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Spring sale! Up to 40% off on our favorite summer packages.

Love is in the air and we can feel it. These past two months were really stressful for everyone, so we decided to help the romance going in the post-quarantine world and offer some great discounts on our most favorite NYC proposal packages.

We know that it might be hard to go into the world after isolation, so we want to make the transition easier for everyone.

Starting May 1- 15, we are offering 40% off our favorite proposal packages.

From May 16 – 31 the same packages will be with 20% off and again you don’t have to use it right away, we give you time till the end of  August to decide when you want to pop the question.

Yes, that is right, you can purchase the discounted package now and use it in summer 2020, how great is that?!

We are offering a flexible reschedule on these packages, but please note, that if you want to use it after August 31, you will have to pay the difference from the full price package. Sale packages are non-refundable. All packages are subject to availability.

We are here to make your summer special and memorable. Let’s check, what packages do we have in mind?

  1. Romantic Proposal Decorations

This is our favorite decoration package. It is perfect for those clients who have their own space and just need to decorate it. The package has all you need for a romantic room makeover.

2. Candlelight heart + Photography

This is our signature proposal package. We set up 50 large led candles in the shape of a heart on the pier or any other location of your choice. Ideal for the evening engagements. And the best part, 15 minutes of photography is also included.

3. Rose heart + Photography

Best proposal idea for the summer. We setup heart from the fresh roses and place the white “Marry Me” sign behind it. It is so elegant and romantic. Also, 15 minutes of photography is included in the package.

4. Beauty and the Beast Marriage Proposal + Photography

This proposal is perfect for Disney fans. We create a perfect magic atmosphere in the park, by adding music, flowers, and enchanted rose decorations. Our photographer will be there to capture the moment.

5. Bridge View proposal + Photography

This beautiful proposal is perfect for hot summer days. We usually set it up on the waterfront, so the fresh breeze air is guaranteed. To make this proposal even more romantic we included our secret photographer to the package.

6. Premium Light the Night

This is a premium package that included all you need for an unforgettable proposal.

We illuminate the whole gazebo with the led lights and candles. Our huge “Marry Me” sign will be hard to miss and our photographer will be there to capture the moment.

7. Beauty and the Beast night proposal + Photography

One of our most romantic proposal packages. We set up the magical atmosphere with led lights, music, and the enchanted rose. Our photographer will be there to capture this beautiful moment.

Our May Sale has packages for any taste, so if you looking for a romantic surprise or a mind-blowing proposal we have it all for you. And remember that you can use your package till August 31, so plenty of time to plan a perfect marriage proposal.

If you have any questions regarding the packages and prices, please feel free to contact us directly at and together we will choose the right option for you.

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