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Unusual places to propose in New York

New York is full of unique and secret places; this city has a little bit of everything for everyone. So we decided to share with you our top 5 unusual places to propose.


1.      Roosevelt Island.  It lies between Manhattan Island and the borough of Queens, so that you have a perfect view to both sides. There is a Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, which is a perfect place for proposal. The park ends with the open river view and at the evening, when the lights are on it will be magical place.


2.      Red hook waterfront. Yes, Red hook! It is a really wonderful place with the clear Statue of Liberty view and historic NYC trolleys. Will be great for the for the sunset and you can take a water taxi back to the city.


3.      Lower East Side Secret Garden. This little park is a wonderful peaceful place with lots of greens and flowers. It can be a perfect surprise proposal, when after a dinner you by accident find this place and decide to step by to check it out. Musician and champagne will work there as well.


4.      At the Long Island Winery. Make a little city getaway and travel to Long Island.  Wineries and Vineyards tours will be a wonderful place for an engagement proposal. Perfect Long Island atmosphere, chill wine and music will make this proposal unforgettable.


5.      Montauk. This place is breathtaking. You can find the old Montauk lighthouse at the very end of the island and declare your love to the open ocean. Perfect romantic getaway for couples who loves nature and comfort.

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