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Very Emotional Times Square Billboard Proposal

Robert is the best example of “man with the plan”.


He knew exactly how he wanted to propose and it was very easy to work with him. His girlfriend Laura was on a family vacation with her family in New York, so when the family decided to go to Times Square for the evening stroll it didn’t bring any suspicious.


Meanwhile, Robert flew to the city and was ready to surprise his girlfriend with the biggest surprise of her life. At 6 pm sharp Laura and her family come by the screen and were looking for the restaurant to dine in. But all of a sudden her mom pointed to the screen and said: “Look, what is it there”. She looked at the pointed direction and saw a message from Robert. ” Wait, what is it. What is going on” she kept saying.  When she turned back to her family, Robert was right there on his knee.


That was a wonderful and very emotional proposal. The whole street was cheering and random people were congratulating the newly engaged couple.  “I still can’t believe you did that,” Laura said.




If you planning to propose on a Times Square Billboard, please read our previous blog posts that describe different screens and options. You can text 347 926 9458 or email to Tatiana and she will help you out with the billboard proposal ideas.

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