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Why you need to hire a professional photographer for your proposal

Oh yes, we have this question a lot “Why do I need a professional photographer? We can snap some pictures on my phone”.


First of all, professional photographer is using the professional equipment. And you can definitely see the difference in the picture quality. Also, if your proposal is at night, you need to have the good camera to photograph it. Your phone simply wont focus at night and pictures will be grainy.


Another good reason to hire a professioanl to photograph your engagement, is to be sure that the photographer will be there and capture the surprise moment. Because thats the most important part of the proposal. So you don’t want to worry, that your friend wont make it on time or your family member got lost in the park and cant find you. Your photographer is a professional and its his daily work to photograph the secret proposals, so he knows exactly where to go and where to hide, as to keep the surprise till the end.


Emotional support. Yes it might be very intense moment and you might be nervous, its easier when you have another person to share your feelings. And unlike friends or family members, you can be sure that he wont spoil the surprise and keep your proposal plans in secret.


Also, look at the photo session as a good practice before the wedding. You will have to make  a lot of pictures at the wedding day, so post engagement photo session is the best way to practice your poses and get the confidence in front of the camera.


Think of the “Save the Date” pictures. You can kill two birds with one stone, hiring a photographer for the proposal. You will get the engagement pictures and also “save the date” photos.


You will make your girlfriend happy. We all know, girls love making photos and change their profile pictures. So give her that opportunity by having a private photographer. We guarantee she will be excited.


To hire a professional photographer or not, is definitely a personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer to it.  It might be pricy, but again every photographer has different price range so that anyone can find something for its budget.


The most important part, is to enjoy the proposal day and  professional photographer will definitely help to capture your pure, happy emotions of that day.

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