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Best Snow Day Proposal Ideas

Usually, when our clients asking ” What are we going to do if it will be snowing”, we say ” Consider yourself a very lucky couple and we stick to the plan”.

It doesn’t snow that much and that often in New York, that we still think of it as a Christmas miracle and go outside to ride the slides in Central Park.

The best advice we can give you:

  1. Stick to the initial plan. Don’t panic because of the weather, it should not influence your proposal ( unless its the blizzard, then we all panic)
  2. Dress up. It will be cold, so be ready and dressed according to the weather. Be ready to take off the coat for the pictures.
  3. If its snowing and you need to take a car to the proposal spot, add additional time to the commute. Usually, the city stops when it snows and it might take some additional time to get to the destination.
  4. Consider taking Horse and carriage ride or the pedicab, if you are proposing in the park. Perfect way not to get too cold and get to the spot faster.
  5. Really enjoy it. Do the snow fight, build a snowman or visit the Christmas tree.

Here are our most favorite Snow Day proposals 

  1. Private Rooftop Proposal

2. Gapstow Bridge marriage proposal

3. Horse and Carriage Ride proposal

4. Bethesda Fountain marriage proposal

5. Bow Bridge marriage proposal

6. Wagners Cove marriage proposal

7. Upper West Side marriage proposal

8. Pier 17 marriage proposal

9. Wave Hill marriage proposal

10. Ice Skating Rink marriage proposal

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