Holiday Market Marriage Proposal

Marcelo and his girlfriend Daniela came to New York for a week vacation. The couple lives in Portugal, so visit to the States was  a magical adventure they dreamed of for years.

Daniela was definitely expecting a ring, but as the week goes by and nothing happened, she gave up and didnt ask Marcelo about it.

On a last day of their vacation, Marcelo suggested to go to the Holiday market to buy some presents to friends and family. While walking  through the market he saw a Christmas Store, which sells NYC ornaments and they decided to check it out.

Just imagine Daniela surprise, when her boyfriend grab an ornament from the tree, opens it and there was an engagement ring inside. She just can’t belive her eyes. ” How did you do that?” was her screaming after saying “YES” 

If you planning to surprise your partner with the marriage proposal, this Holiday Market package might be all you need. And yes, our friends firm “its always christmas in New York” give every couple with the special “engagement ornament”. 


Contact us now at to start planning your unforgettable proposal 🙂

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